Reprints & Enlargements

All our colour photographic printers digitally project light onto traditional photographic paper using either laser or LED light, so the days of projecting light through a negative directly onto the paper, have well and truly passed.
The standard practice, over the last 10 years or so, has been to produce prints by scanning the film frame with a choice of scanners (depending on the required output quality and size), and then colour corrected on-screen before being printed using one of the digital photographic printers.

Our 2013 price list is the first to treat colour film prints as "scan + digital print". It seems obvious when you think about it, but it also has the added bonus that we now add the scan to your USB stick, or burn to disc for you to use if you need extra copies in the future - saving you money on the next re-print.

Download our Printing Price list and calculate you colour reprints costs, by adding your scan choice to the digital print size needed.
Bear in mind that you can always order a higher quality scan than needed for the initial print, giving you flexibility to enlarge to larger print sizes in the future.


These are True B&W prints produced in a traditional darkroom. We can print any size that fits onto out paper sheets or rolls. Fresh chemistry is always used to achieve consistent results and the highest level of archival quality.

Standard Prints
Choose from Ilford Resin Coated (RC) Gloss or Pearl paper surfaces. Each print is hand assessed as part of the standard service, which includes minor dodging and burning, and cropping. Print sizes up to 20x30 inches available.

Exhibition Quality Prints
With print sizes up to 50x108 inches, this service is for those final display prints. You are invited to watch over the printing process in our darkroom, so our printer can get immediate feedback over any adjustments, dodging and burning and cropping. Test prints can be produced until you are happy for the final print to be exposed.

You can choose between standard RC gloss or Pearl, or opt for the more popular Fibre-based (FB) Gloss, or Warm-Tone Gloss (WT only available up to 20x30 inches)

See our price list for a full breakdown, and feel free to call and ask questions if necessary.


Scanning & Digital Prints Price Lists
For Colour Reprints - We have put both price lists into one easy pdf download. Click on the link to view the price list.


B&W Prints
View our Black and White printing prices in pdf format, by clicking on the download link.