Mounting & Laminating

Pressing a print onto a choice of boards including Card, Foam Centred board, Foamed PVC Board (Foamex) and Aluminium Composite Panels (ACP), known as Di-Bond.
A plastic coating sealed onto prints (often by heat) to make the print stronger, more durable, and resistant to humidity, scratches and stains.


Mount Card
2mm Mount card is our most cost effective mounting solution, it is very thin and lightweight, can either be hung directly on the wall using velcro or used within a frame. All card has a slight texture , so gloss prints can lose the smooth look on this material.


Foam-cor (5mm, 10mm)
Foam-cor is lightweight with a white centre core. It is often used to keep prints flat within a frame but can also be hung directly to the wall, just be aware theat it can be effected by changing temperature and humidity, so take care where you hang the print.


Kappa Mount (5mm, 10mm, 20mm)
Kappa is extremely lightweight has a grey centre core with an aluminium foil liner to give it extra strength. With a smoother surface than Foam-core it is often used to hang directly to the wall, so we offer an optional black or white edging service to hide the grey core, on the 10mm or 20mm thick options.


Forex (3mm, 5mm)
Available in either black or white, this material is flexible, but tougher than both card and foamboard. This Expanded-PVC material is often used to keep prints flat within a frame but can also be hung directly to the wall.


Di-Bond (3mm)
3mm Dibond (aluminium composite) is composed of a dark plastic core with a thin layer of aluminium coated on each side. This archival mounting solution is perfect for very large pieces or touring exhibitions and due to its smooth surface, works perfectly with gloss or Flex prints.


Matte Laminate
Our most popular seal, this is a durable PVC lamination film. Very matt anti-reflective surface, but this does knock blacks slightly.


Gloss Laminate
Better clarity than the matt seal, but the high gloss surface highlights the slight wavering surface texture of all mounting substrates, with the exception of Aluminium, and the glossy finish is prone to surface scratching.


Super Gloss Laminate
A high quality glass-like finish suitable for prints displayed in controlled or gallery lighting.


Lustre Laminate (hot)
With a surface similar to that of Photographic Lustre paper, this highly specialised Hot laminate is applied using a vacuum process rather than the usual roller mounting machine, for this reason there is a size limitation of 30x40 inches.


CPL Mounting & Laminating Price List
We've created a printable PDF for you to download. This covers all Mounting & Laminating, and includes the hanging options.