About Us

CPL Digital has been providing services to photographers, corporate clients, government departments, advertising agencies, artists, designers and students for over 45 Years.

Our speciality is Exhibition quality prints and display panels, so if you're serious about photography and quality, then your images will benefit from CPL's wealth of knowledge that spans the complete spectrum of the printing and photofinishing sector.

It is both a delight and a challenge to be a part of such a creative industry that continues to inspire us, and our customers, and keeps moving forward and embracing any changes that the future brings.

Our History

In 1968, a well respected Melbourne Photographer named Brian Brandt, was un happy with the services available to him as a professional photographer, and recognised a need for faster processing lab services than what was available - and this is how CPL Services was born.

Initially the lab was a small add-on to the working studio of "Brian Brandt and Associates", but when the studio moved to "The Church" in Chapel Street Prahran, and then to Wellington Street Windsor in 1982, it was obvious that the lab was no longer just an add-on, but an entity in its own right.

With the hiring of, now owner, Bryan Gracey as Lab manager, CPL became a social network for photographers, directors, assistants, students and artist. In times before Facebook, people would catch up over coffees or long lunches after meeting up in CPL.

CPL has always been a market leader, invested in new technologies and excelled ahead of other pro labs in Australia.
CPL were the first to use a Canon Colour Copier in a photographic Pro lab, and the first to buy the well known, Fuji Frontier printer.
We also used one of the very first commercial inkjet printers, the "Iris Inkjet printer", the precursor to the current Epson or Canon inkjet printers used worldwide today.
More recently, CPL is the only lab in Australia with the amazing ZBE Chromira Pro Lab, large format LED photographic printer.

In 2011, we moved the lab and started a new phase of CPL, and since moving to South Melbourne, have continued to implement new processes and strategies that continue to make CPL a true professional lab.