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Archival Mounting Substrates

Cotton Rag 5mm A conservation-quality surface ideal for works on thick art paper intended for framing.

Museum Grade Mounting Substrates

Kapa 5, 10 & 20mm A versatile, lightweight solution with the structural integrity to hang directly to the wall. 


Dibond 3mm The highest-quality museum standard, Dibond's aluminium surface is perfectly smooth.

Non-Archival Mounting Substrates

Mount Card 2mm The least-expensive solution, it can be used for framing, or to mount directly to the wall with velcro.

Foam Core 5mm, 10mm Lightweight, designed for framing, or to mount directly to the wall with velcro. This is an inexpensive solution for temporary exhibitions.


Forex 3mm A plastic that is tougher than foam core and mount card.

Printing options:

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Mounting for Framing

2mm Card, 5mm Foamcore and 5mm Cotton Rag Foamcore are all designed with framing in mind.  They don't hang well without a frame to hold them flat, or velcro to hold them flat to the wall.


Laminate seals protect prints, especially ones intended for high traffic and commercial environments. We offer matte, gloss, and high-gloss laminates, along with a specialised lustre laminate using a vacuum heat process.

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Mounting for hanging directly to the wall - a contemporary look that saves framing costs.

Kapa & Gator

The minimum we recommend is 5mm Kapa, also called gator board.  This is a rigid, dense board that will hold its own weight on the wall and not bow or curve with moisture from the environment.

10mm and 20mm Kapa are great alternatives to framing as they are relatively inexpensive, and much lighter than framed art works for easy hanging. 10mm and 20mm Kapa are wide enough to affix plastic edging that covers the foam "core" of the substrate, and provides a clean, professional finish to the artwork.


For the highest-quality results, Dibond's perfectly smooth surface and 3mm profile makes it the museum and gallery standard. With battens, Dibond can hang directly onto the wall. 


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