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What kinds of files can I print?

We prefer .tif files if it’s really big. We’ll take a jpeg if that’s what you got, but jpegs are lossy, meaning unique colour information is not stored in each pixel, and we want to make sure your print is the best possible quality. 

What about resolution?

300 pixels per inch is the theoretical ideal, but 240 ppi and 180 ppi are perfectly valid printer’s resolutions. With some files we can successfully increase print size by reducing resolution further. Ask us!

How big are our printers?

Our Canon Pro 6000 inkjets go to 150 cm (60 inches).

16 bit or 8 bit?

We can print your files in 16-bit or 8-bit. You will get better results if you maintain your workflow in 16-bit

What's the ideal
colour space?

Adobe RGB 1998 is the printer’s colour space. 

My files are in the sRGB colour space. What do I do?

Back slowly away from the computer. No, seriously, don’t convert it to Adobe 1998 - it will dull the colours, send it to us as it is. Everything is going to be okay. Your print is still going to look great. 


I have no idea what I’m doing, can you help? Sure! Download this guide to setting up your files for printing.

I looked at that and I still have no idea what I'm doing. Call us! Drop in! (but please do call ahead) We’re open Monday, Tuesday & Thursday 9-3.

How can you help us help you? Please include extremely clear instructions for things such as image size, border requirements, paper types, and turnaround needs.

If you still have no idea what we're talking about, but you want to get a nice print made, send your file to us, we'll help you figure it out.

Print prices listed are for direct output.​ 


Standard correction & re-touching: colour & contrast, cropping, etc., add 25%, minimum $20. 

If you would like an in-person consult: $33 per 15 minutes. $22 for ten minutes, minimum.

Premium, exhibition-quality correction & retouching:  $180 per hour, by the quarter-hour, minimum $33 for 10 minutes.

Please reach out for an estimate or to schedule an appointment.


I took a picture on my camera phone that I love. Can I get it printed?

Of course! We have had quite a bit of success enlarging small digital images resulting in large, good-quality prints. Tell us what you're trying to do and we'll try to help you.

Our Terms & Conditions

All jobs less than $100 require payment in advance. Jobs over $100 require a 50% deposit before work can start. Minimum job charge $10.


About Us

Maybe you remember mum or dad picking up the summer holiday pictures from CPL. Or when you were a teenager maybe you collected your own photos here. 


Perhaps you worked in advertising, and can recall the bundles of film CPL processed and printed, often running our machines 24-hours-a-day.


Photography has changed. Photographic printing and fine art reproduction has changed. 


CPL has been there for all of it, and through half-a-century we have been on the leading edge while maintaining a standard of excellence only experience, skill, craft and passion can deliver. From Inkjet (Giclée) prints, to reproduction, to mounting, to scanning, to restoring, to colour film processing - everything we do, big jobs and small, is undertaken with great care, an eye for detail, an ethos for serving your needs, and employs the finest materials. 


Our master printmakers bring over 50 years of combined experience. Our state-of-the art Canon Pro-6000 inkjet printers, using genuine Canon inks run through a Serendipity RIP are capable of printing up to 1.5 metres wide by any length. We build our paper profiles in-house using x-rite colour matching technology, so you can be assured of optimal tonal and colour response all the time. The Hasselblad camera we use in our shooting studio to reproduce your art is peerless.


Above all, we are proud and humble to continue to be an integral part of the Melbourne and Australian photography and fine art community.


Drop us a line. Or stop by and see us. 


Questions, comments, special requests?

Reach out, we’d love to hear from you!

111 Salmon Street, Port Melbourne VIC 3207

Monday, Tuesday & Thursday 9-3

(03) 8376 8376

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Thank you, we'll get back to you shortly.

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